Newholme Farm Peafowl

UK Breeder of Java Green, Indian Blue, Blackshoulder, White, Cameo, Bronze, Opal, Peach, Pied, Silver pied, and Purple peafowl.


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I'm located in England (UK) within East Yorkshire and keep ornamental pheasants, exotic partridge and peafowl for interest and pleasure. I'm the largest specialist breeder of Peafowl, especially Java Greens and rare color mutations of Indian Blues.  Within the Indian Blues I keep the main colours; Blue, White, Cameo, Buford Bronze, Opal, Peach, and Purple. I also have most of the colour patterns as well; Black Shoulder, Pied, Silver Pied and White Eye.

If anyone has any query's please get in contact on 07854 784732


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